You should be able to trust that your vehicle will function properly when you get behind the wheel. While small annoyances like the volume control being fickle or the air conditioning being inefficient might happen from time to time, you wouldn’t expect your engine to give out on you, especially with newer vehicles. Unfortunately, every car, including BMW’s, are vulnerable to having their engines stall. If you’re experiencing this issue, then here are a few reasons it might be happening.

Fuel System Problems

Any problems in your BMW’s fuel supply, fuel quality or fuel injector can result in fuel system problems that lead to the stalling of your engine. The combustion process within your engine won’t work efficiently if there’s bad fuel in your tank. Any water or other contaminants can also lead to stalling issues.

Issues with the Internal Timing

A vehicle’s timing belt is responsible for synchronizing several engine parts to ensure that everything runs smoothly. If that isn’t the case and there’s an issue with the engine’s timing, it can cause one of two problems: allowing too much or too little fuel into the system. If there’s a skip in your timing belt, it can result in your engine stalling.

Air Supply Issues

It’s important that your engine gets the necessary air to function properly. If not, then it simply won’t work as efficiently as it could. Your BMW’s engine needs 15 parts air for everyone part gasoline in order to achieve the proper engine combustion. If there’s a blockage in your engine’s airflow, then it will quickly create stalling issues.

Ignition Switch Failure

Your engine stalling is one of the first signs that your ignition switch has failed. Your BMW could be completely fine on the road, when out of nowhere your engine stalls and shuts off. While you might be able to get it restarted and moving without a problem, there’s no guarantee that it won’t shut off again. If your ignition switch has started to fail, then your vehicle could turn on and run for a bit before stalling without warning.

Electrical Problems

An issue with the electrical wiring of your modern vehicle can cause your engine to stall. As the electrical components oversee everything is modernized vehicles, any disruption in communication through the wires could result in your engine stalling. You’ll need to see a trained technician to inspect and diagnose any communication problems, particularly one that specializes in BMW engines.

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