Synonymous with high-quality, performance and durability, BMW’s are a great vehicle to invest in. But like with all vehicles, you can still experience problems after years of wear and tear. For BMW’s, transmission issues can be an expensive repair and are responsible for many BMW problems around the world. To stay on top of your vehicle’s transmission maintenance, here are a few signs that you might have an issue with your transmission.

Check the Engine Light

The handy thing about being a BMW owner is that your vehicle will be able to differentiate between general engine problems and specific problems relating to your transmission through an illuminated warning light. As the transmission can also cause problems with other areas of your engine, don’t be alarmed if your check engine light is on as well. However, whether both lights are on or just the transmission warning is illuminated, have a BMW specialist look over your vehicles regardless.

Is Your BMW Shaking or Vibrating?

One of the more concerning issues when it comes to problems with your transmission is experiencing your vehicle shaking or vibrating. When this is directly a result of a failing transmission, then you’ll likely notice the sensation more when accelerating or driving at fast or slow speeds. This is a problem that needs to be looked at immediately, as it can cause serious damage to other parts of your BMW’s engine over time.

Is Gear Shifting Difficult?

Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission BMW, you’re likely to encounter issues that can make it difficult to efficiently shift gears. It’s possible to feel an intense jerking sensation when shifting gears, hear squeaking and other noises or feel the gears hesitate. Issues shifting can cause your engine to stall or leave you with a low or high RPM for an unusual amount of time. If your BMW is going into limp mode, in which it can’t be driven, then you’ll need to get it towed to a BMW mechanic.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

Is there a pool of fluid leaking beneath your BMW? If you’re experiencing problems with your transmission, then the leak might be the culprit. It’s also helpful to know which fluid leaks are common, such as oil leaks or coolant leaks, so you can easily tell the difference. The fluid from a leaking transmission is typically a vibrant red or reddish brown in colour. In order to locate, fix and replace the transmission fluid, a thorough inspection will need to be done, preferably by a BMW specialist.

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